When you exercise, it’s essential to have the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable—and that includes your gym towel. A towel is an essential piece of equipment no matter what your workout or the weather, but it’s often overlooked. Not all towels are created equal, though, so it’s important to find one that will provide you with superior comfort during your workout while also being durable enough to last through years of use and washings. Our Hoodel Gym Towel uses magnets sewn into its hem to hang around equipment in your fitness center—no more dropping your towel on the dirty floor between sets!

Hoodel Gym Towel

About few years ago, I started going to a commercial gym in Melbourne called Fitness First. As soon as I entered into fitness hell, my mind wondered how do people exercise without their own towels? Every time after each set of exercises, people would just walk away leaving sweat stains all over the equipment, gross! This bothered me more than anything. I definitely didn't fancy spreading germs between users. The only answer was to bring my own gym towel that can be easily washed in the washing machine. But then again, there were no pockets and they had no magnets or hoods to keep them off dirty floors and attached to equipment. That's why I decided to design my own gym towel with added features like magnets and hoods so it doesn't slip on benches during exercises and have a zip pocket for keys, phone and grips. It is also 100% cotton, a completely natural fibre, which helps absorb moisture better while also much better for the environment as compared to microplastics microfibre towels.

Microfibres do not last as long as cotton and they are often made with materials derived from plastic, which can contain carcinogens. These chemicals can rub off onto you during your workout, exposing you to potential health hazards. Cotton also feels great against your skin and won’t cause chafing or irritation. Microfibre products may include formaldehyde, a known carcinogen; formaldehyde exposure has been linked to serious respiratory conditions like asthma. Also since microfibre gym towels are made of plastic, they release microplastics into the environment with every single wash which causes severe marine pollution and endangers marine life.

As you work out and sweat, the smell of your towel may stick to any wooden or metal surfaces, and in many gyms, your towel may be in a heap dangerously on the floor. Thankfully, we have a built-in magnet that's perfect for conveniently hanging it on any gym machine. Also, it has a hood to help keep it in place when you're moving around on a gym bench. For some more convenience, there's also an outside pocket. For safety while working out or while moving between workout stations, stash your keys, phone, or whatever else you need to keep safe and also zipper it up afterwards to prevent spilling out.

There are many benefits of using gym towels since there is nothing more annoying and embarrassing than getting covered in another person’s sweat after a set of bench-presses.

evryfit Hoodel Gym Towel FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Hoodel?

A Hoodel is a 100% Cotton Gym Towel with magnets sewn into one end along with a hooded design and a spacious zip pocket.

What is a hooded gym towel?

A hooded gym towel has a flap or cover built into it that can be used to cover gym benches. It helps keep the towel in place on the bench while you exercise (like lifting weights) prevent it from slipping and keeps sweat off the bench. No more worrying about sharing sweaty gym benches with strangers or gym buddies.

How do I use my Hoodel gym towel?

There are many ways to use your Hoodel gym towel. The first and simplest way is to just use the magnets to hang it up on magnetic surfaces like a gym rack and wipe yourself easily as you exercise without leaving it on the dirty floor. This can help keep you cool, dry and comfortable, especially if you’re working up a sweat in a hot and humid environment. Next, when sitting on gym benches slip the hood on one end of the bench and keep the towel in place to avoid any slipping while keeping the sweat of the gym bench. Of course, don't forget the spacious zip pocket that can hold your keys and phone right where you are without making a mess on the gym floor.

Is it important that my gym towel has magnets in it?

Yes! Gym towels with magnets are a must-have because they’ll keep your gym towel attached to other equipment as you exercise. This keeps sweaty towels off dirty floors and protects equipment from germs.