Melbourne, Australia

For years, gym-goers have struggled with towels slipping off the bench and getting dirty on the floor. Now, there's a solution to this problem! Evryfit, a Melbourne based fitness business, have launched their latest product lineup guaranteed to be on every gym lover's wishlist this Christmas.

The Hoodel™ is specially designed to stay in place on benches and equipment during your workout. Made of 100% cotton and with a hood for ease, it's perfect for any fitness enthusiast. It also has magnets that keep it attached to exercise machines and off the ground. Stop juggling your keys and phone at the gym – with the Hoodel™; you'll always have a convenient place to store them while you work out!

We've all been there, you're dripping sweat trying to lift weights on the bench, but the towel keeps slipping; it's impossible to keep the towel clean because it keeps dropping on the floor, right where your phone and keys are scattered. No more juggling!

With an easy to use design, this product will make your workouts more productive and less frustrating. It's designed to keep you comfortable during your workout by keeping your towel in place on the gym bench or seat. The Hoodel also has a spacious zipper pocket so you can store your phone or keys securely while exercising. You no longer have to worry about your gym towel during sets.

This product is designed in Melbourne, Australia and was made not just for people who like to exercise but also for anyone that wants to keep their car seats clean; slip the hood on, and you've got an easy way to keep the mess away. The zipper pocket holds your personal effects out of view on the sand.

The Hoodel™ is available to pre-order now on www.evryfit.com

Don't miss out on this year's best gift idea.